Queer Women Take a Holiday

Participatory photography project open to public


Artist Statement

Dear Friends,

For many years - since I came out as being lesbian/queer - I have been thinking about the visual representation of ‘queer women’ [I use the term queer women to include lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, intersex, methi and hijra identities. I am aware that there are other culture specific words used by queer women to define themselves.] in popular culture, visual art, media and the public realm. Often, I have toyed with the idea of making images that reflect the intimate and daily experience of women who love women

Living in India, this has often been a difficult proposition since it is extremely problematic for women to be OUT (visually) for varying reasons of safety that could lead to loosing jobs, apartments and fracture further the relationship with our families, friends and general social interaction and mobility. This is true for queer women in many parts of the world. Therefore, while many of us make self-portraits, have intimate photos of ourselves or our partners and friends, daily life record etc, these are mostly restricted to the privacy of our homes and shared with a handful of people.